‘Buried In Barstow’: Angie Harmon’s New Lifetime Movie Is Getting a Sequel

Angie Harmon plays a woman with a very complicated past in the new Lifetime movie Buried in Barstow.

Hazel King is a single mom and diner owner who will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter.

The role marks the former Rizzoli & Isles star’s return to TV after a six-year hiatus from acting.

And it won’t be the last we see of Harmon – or of Hazel King. A Buried in Barstow sequel is already in the works

and Harmon has said she hopes there will be even more movies in the future.

Angie Harmon plays a single mom with a secret in her new Lifetime movie

In Buried in Barstow, Hazel leads a seemingly quiet life in Barstow, Calif., where she owns a BBQ restaurant and is raising her daughter Joy

It’s a long way from her previous life in Las Vegas, where she was a teenage heroin

addict plucked off the streets and molded into a calculating hit woman.