Bryce Dallas Howard's personal post-partum journey was heartbreaking

Bryce Dallas Howard was 25-years-old when she discovered she was pregnant with her first child, Theo, who is now 15.

At the time, she had been married for just seven days to her husband, Seth Gabel and she reveled in carrying their firstborn.

While she initially described it as being like she was "in a black hole," or a "nightmare," she later confessed that those descriptions made her cringe.

Opening up to GOOP, Bryce wrote a candid essay about her own experience in the hopes of helping others.

The mom-of-two - she also has a daughter, Beatrice, ten - said that everything was fine

until Theo was born and, "I felt nothing," she wrote.

While everyone else cooed over her newborn, Bryce said: " I had no impression of my own."

Bryce loved being pregnant but things changed after the birth of her first child

Returning home from hospital was no better, in fact, things began to get worse, especially when left on her own.