Bruno Falcon aka ‘Pop N’ Taco’ dies at 58

Fans are mourning the death of Bruno "Pop 'N Taco" Falcon, who died at the age of 58.

No official cause of death has been disclosed, but the legendary breaker who

worked with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and played the lead in the 1984

cult classic film Breakin' apparently passed away recently at his Long Beach home.

Popin' Pete, a longtime friend and associate who also worked with Michael

Jackson on music videos like "Thriller," "Smooth Criminal," and "Beat It," and who

co-starred with Pop 'N Taco in Breakin', announced the news in an Instagram post.

He wrote in the caption, “Rest my brother Taco, glad we had this moment last year

after not seeing each other in 15 years”, he wrote. “Rest in peace my brother Popin n Taco, you will be missed..can’t believe this.”