On Monday, Britney Spears alleged that while under her guardianship, her father, Jamie Spears, was "trying to kill" her.

The musician discussed receiving three MRIs in a two-minute audio clip posted on Twitter before being admitted to a mental health facility in early 2019.

The test for each hour, according to Britney, 40, "didn't make any sense at all." "I didn't really get what was said.

The Grammy winner said, "[I don't comprehend] the isolation, the nurses, the blood bottles, and the constant circulation."

Noting that "none of it was true," even though she believed she may be receiving cancer treatment.

Brittany emphasized, "I'm good. I'm still here. The hardest part is figuring it out."

They were simply cruel, and I had a strong suspicion that my father was attempting to murder me.

I really hope he burns in hell.

The pop artist, whose father served as her mentor from 2008 until her suspension in 2021, stated that she "believes in the repercussions" for him.