Brad Pitt Is Stylish In Orange Linen Suit As He Promotes ‘Bullet Train’ In Paris: Photos

Brad Pitt has landed in Paris. The actor, 58, was looking stylish in an orange linen

shirt as he waved to fans while cruising down the Seine River on Saturday, July 16.

He added a dark rust shirt underneath for a monochromatic summer look,

along with a pair of sunglasses and white slip-on sneakers.

Brad held onto a cellphone as he smiled and looked out at the crowd, barely having aged a day.

Notably, the actor also appeared to give his blonde locks a recent chop.

Brad is in the French capital to promote his upcoming film Bullet Train,

which is set for theatrical release by Sony Pictures on August 5, 2022.

In the fast-paced action film, the Missouri native plays one of five assassins on a high-speed bullet train