Booker T Says Locker Room ‘Did Not Like’ Former WWE Women’s Champion

“I really like Melina now,” Booker made clear on his “Hall Of Fame” podcast,

but he also claimed that he “did not like Melina in her day, no one did.”

He is not the only person to have publicly aired those feelings either, as Candice Michelle has previously stated that they “

hated each other,” and almost had a shoot fight inside the ring.

Melina is not someone that often gets brought up by WWE as a legend in the same manner that the likes of Trish Stratus or Lita do,

and Booker wonders if that is due to “the departure of Melina more than anything.”

“She was one of those that owned it, she wanted to be the best in the ring and she was hell to deal

with in the locker room,” he claimed.

“I think she would attest to that, perhaps, these days … And I have always said this, as far as talent go, there was nobody better than Melina.”