Blondie Reacts To The Boys Season 3's Soldier Boy Cover Song

American new wave band Blondie has responded to a video of Soldier Boy from The Boys doing a cover of their song "Rapture.

Soldier Boy is The Boys' take on Captain America, an unaging,

ultra-conservative supersoldier rolled out by Vought in WWII to fight the Nazis,

but who disappeared mysteriously after a botched CIA mission in Nicaragua in the 80s.

The Supe has a deeper connection to one of The Boys' own, Mother's Milk.

MM's father was a lawyer who worked himself to death fighting Vought

after Soldier Boy killed members of his family that got in the crossfire as he apprehended a car thief.

Now, MM has inherited his father's sense of obsessive justice.

The opening of season 3 episode 4, "Glorious Five Year Plan," sees MM flashing back to his childhood