Billy Eichner on all-queer 'Bros' cast: We're trying to correct an imbalance

Actor Billy Eichner is geared up for the release of his upcoming gay rom-com 'Bros',

which has made headlines for featuring an all-LGBTQ cast of actors.

Eichner talked about why having an all-queer cast for the Universal film was so "important" to him.

"So often in Hollywood, a lot of the great LGBTQ roles historically

have gone to straight actors, and they win awards for it.

And they get a lot of acclaims and they use it to show people their range," said Eichner.

And the casting of 'Bros' is not to say that straight should only play straight and gay should only play gay.

We're not making strict rules like that.

But what we're trying to do is, we're trying to correct an imbalance."