Big Brother's Tim Dormer comes under fire for tasteless Amber Heard tweet

Tensions between Big Brother housemates Tim Dormer and Estelle Landy boiled over on Tuesday.

The reality TV stars took shots at each other on social media, before Tim took things too far, according to fans watching the feud.

'You are Big Brother's Amber Heard. Cancel yourself and go away!' tweeted the winner of the show's tenth season.

The angry message came in response to Estelle's live tweeting of the reality TV show.

The season 9 star, who is joining Tim in the house for the show's latest season,

I would also routinely cop it from [Anthony] Drew and Tim if they needed a punching bag.'

Tim then reacted angrily to the tweet, comparing Estelle to Johnny Depp's ex,

who recently lost her civil court case against the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

He deleted the tweet the next day, but not before many fans - and Estelle herself - had seen it.