Biden's social media staff cost taxpayers as much as $6.7M each year

President Joe Biden's social media presence may be costing taxpayers millions of dollars per year,

according to an analysis of White House personnel records and recent reporting about Biden's messaging challenges.

A recent story detailing White House staff dysfunction included information attributed to spokesman

Andrew Bates that more than 70 staffers help create and manage Biden's social media content.

Based on salary data, the combined salary for 70 White House staffers would be roughly $6,695,436, not including equipment or other costs.

For comparison, the social media budget for large companies with more than 50 employees was generally $100,000 or more in 2021

according to the social media management platform Hootsuite.

That figure would include media equipment and production costs, copywriting and editing, software

paid advertising campaigns, and salaries. The $6.7 million White House figure only accounts for the estimated salaries of the 70 White House staffers working on Biden's strategy.