Beyonce’s nephew Daniel Julez Smith trolled over rap snippet: ‘How are you this talentless’

Beyonce’s nephew and Solange’s son Daniel Julez Smith Jr announced his entry into the music industry with a snippet on TikTok on June 4.

However, he soon got on the wrong foot of the Internet after he brutally got trolled over his rap lyrics.

The 17-year-old debutante’s video snippet was shared by multiple social media pages that got him over 100K views in no less time.

Daniel Julez Smith Jr comes from a family of entertainers. His mother is a renowned

singer-songwriter, Solange Knowles, whereas, Beyonce is his aunt who is one of the top global icons.

Hip-hop veteran Jay-Z is Julez’s uncle and Grammy-award winner Blue Ivy is his first cousin.

Poor Daniel Julez Smith got trolled for the same reason as the majority of the social media users

poked fun at him for having such a bad taste in music despite coming from a family that includes musical heavyweights.

Daniel Julez Smith Jr in the TikTok video can be seen sitting in the studio donning a hoodie and sunglasses.