Bethenny Frankel Wins MTV's 2022 Reality Royalty Award: 'The Shiniest Apple Is Sitting at the Top'

On Sunday, the star accepted the highest individual honor at the second annual MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED on Sunday.

Paris Hilton presented the Reality Royalty Award to her former nanny,

recalling the time she spent with a young Frankel after "she first moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams."

When Frankel, 51, took to the stage, she told Hilton, 41: "You and I are

OGs in this genre, and as you know, not everybody fits in the bad bitch genre. It's a genre."

She continued, "This is full circle — I took care of Paris when she was barely out of diapers.

This is actually the announcement for our reality show where Paris changes my diapers. It's called That's Not Hot."

Frankel went on to say, "Thank you, MTV. Thank you to the audience who has invested in a flawed yet always transparent person.

I have overshot the mark. All I ever wanted was to make a difference in some way, leave a mark.