‘Batman’ costume designer finally speaks out on the infamous nipples

The easiest way to make a longtime Batman fan shiver is to sneak up behind them, and whisper the word “nipples” in their ear.

Admittedly, that’s probably the reaction you’d get if you did that to anybody,

but for DC Comics enthusiasts in particular, they’ll be haunted by memories of the Joel Schumacher era.

Casting aside the dark, grimy, and Gothic aesthetic of the Tim Burton duology,

Batman Forever and Batman & Robin opted for a neon-tinged aesthetic

that effectively ran the franchise into the ground in record time,

and came perilously close to rendering the comic book genre obsolete before the one-two punch of Blade and X-Men brought it back from the brink.

A quarter of a century later, and costume designer Jose Fernandez has finally broken his silence,

opening up to MEL Magazine as to why the decision was made to imbue the Batsuit with a pair of rock hard rubber nips.