Based on the trailer, the Orphan prequel First Kill should've been called Dear Orphan Hansen

2009's Orphan is predicated on a simple twist—that maybe this murderous child isn’t who she says she is.

Alas, the quiet Estonian child, played by a 12-year-old Isabelle Fuhrman,

was, in fact, a grown-ass woman. Parents everywhere fear the day a doctor tells

them their child is a 30-something weirdo. For Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard,

the well-meaning parents from Orphan, that day couldn’t have gone worse—what with all the murders.

Now that you know the twist, the producers of the prequel Orphan:

First Kill assume you won’t mind if the now 25-year-old Fuhrman just goes around

killing people while playing an even younger version of the character.

But, in what can only be described as Clifford-ication of Esther,