Bam Margera reported missing after leaving rehab facility

Authorities in Florida are looking for Bam Margera after he fled a rehab facility on Monday,

according to a police report from the Delray Beach Police Department

On Monday, the manager of a rehab facility called police because Margera left, even though he was

at the facility under a court order and he was not authorized to leave.

The manager told police Margera said he was unsatisfied with the facility's treatment

and that he was going to check himself into a different one.

The former MTV "Jackass" star, whose real name is Brandon Cole Margera, left in a black Honda sedan, the manager said.

He was brought into the facility earlier this year under the court ordered Marchman Act,

which provides emergency assistance and temporary detention for individuals requiring

substance abuse evaluation and treatment in the state of Florida, the manager told police.