Back to the Future Escape Game Brings Time Travel Adventures Home

A unique new at-home escape game is letting players step into the world of Back to the

Future and travel through time in an all-new adventure based on the beloved trilogy.

While Back to the Future III concluded with Marty McFly safely back in 1985 and Doc Brown

exploring time with his new family, this game proves their escapades were far from over.

In Back to the Future: A Letter From the Past, players will take on the role of Marty,

who, after returning to 1985, receives a letter from Doc Brown asking for help.

Doc is stuck in 1900 and will need Marty's assistance to get

the time machine working again or else he'll be stranded.

Players will have to decode ciphers, solve puzzles, decipher riddles, navigate mazes, and more if they hope to help Doc survive.