Atari turns 50, and the godfather of video games

That’s Atari founder and mass-market video game creator Nolan Bushnell’s

advice to the current chief executive of Atari SA ATA, +1.65% Wade Rosen.

The two sat down to chat on the 50th anniversary of Atari, to talk about the early

days of the video game pioneer, and of the iconic presence that the company and its logo created.

Iconic enough, in fact, for an anniversary reissuance called Atari: Recharged,

on Microsoft’s MSFT, -1.05% Xbox, Sony’s 6758, +0.83% PlayStation, and Nintendo’s 7974, +1.75% Switch.

“I think we stood for innovation. And also we were the genesis story.

So, you always have a hallowed position when you’re the first,” Bushnell said to Rosen,

recalling the writings of the German philosopher considered by many as the “artists’ philosopher”