Apple Watch Series 8 rumored to feature new Low Power Mode

Before WWDC 2022, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reported based on his own sources that

Apple had been working on a new Low Power Mode for watchOS 9. However, watchOS 9 was

announced with no new features in this aspect. Now Gurman is back with a related report, but this

time he claims that Low Power Mode will be exclusive to the new Apple Watch Series 8.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman revealed that he still expects a new Low Power Mode coming later this year.

However, rather than a feature of watchOS 9, the new Low Power Mode is expected to be announced

as one of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 8 – which will likely be introduced later this year.

Current Apple Watch models already have a feature called “Power Reserve Mode.”

However, as detailed by 9to5Mac, this feature turns off pretty much all Apple Watch features and only shows the time to save battery life.