Apple just announced at the WWDC 2022 keynote

Each year Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference with a few hours of back-to-back-to-back announcements,

generally covering things from iOS to watchOS to — sometimes! — new hardware.

We get it! We’ve wrapped up all of the biggest news in an easy-to-skim digest.

The lock screen is getting an overhaul. It’ll allow for more customization, plus support for widgets

including widgets for third-party apps. Notifications will now “roll in” from the bottom of the screen,

while a “Live Activities” API will let developers update notifications in real time (think sports score tracking.)

– You’ll be able to edit or “unsend” recent messages in iMessage — or mark a thread as unread.

SharePlay (which lets you, for example, watch a streamed movie in sync with a friend) will now work in iMessage, not just over FaceTime.

Live Text will be able to translate and replace text it detects in a photo, allowing you to more easily read through something like a menu in a language