Anyone can take new public Instagram photos and turn them into a Reel

Instagram will soon let anyone on the platform remix your new photos, as long as your

account is public. There’ll be a way to turn remixing off, but you’ll have to actively opt out once the option is live — it’ll be enabled by default.

In “the coming weeks,” Instagram says it’ll add the ability to “remix” public photos for use

inside of Reels, its TikTok-like video service. The change is meant to provide more content

for Reels creators to work with as the company goes all in on short-form

video in the hopes of keeping up with its explosively popular competitor.

Remixing will be enabled by default, but Instagram will provide ways to turn it off, according

to Devi Narasimhan, a Meta spokesperson. Users will be able to turn off remixing on

individual photos or at an account level through the settings menu.