'American Pickers': Mike Wolfe Reveals Incredible Before-and-After Look While Cleaning 1939 Ford Coupe

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe has encountered many vintage cars during his picking adventures.

On June 18, he showed off one such vehicle on social media.

Wolfe made a post on his Instagram account featuring photos of an antique car in the process of being cleaned:

one-half of it is covered in dirt and grime, the other side shiny and spotless.

"Just starting to clean this 1939 Ford Coupe," Wolfe captioned the photo. "Original paint is insane!!

Might be one of the nicest 39 Fords on the planet. Car has been sitting since 1975.

We have had two locksmiths try and get the door open.

Haven't had luck yet. Interior looks mint thru the glass."

Several days ago, Wolfe posted an Instagram of his 1964 Volkswagen (VW) Bus before it underwent substantial renovations.