Amber Heard’s lawyers bash Johnny Depp $16M settlement

Amber Heard’s attorneys have fired back at Johnny Depp with an allegation of

‘non-entitlement’ over the US$10 million he has been awarded by the US court of Virginia.

The motion filed by Ms. Heard’s lawyers has been obtained by Radar.

Ms. Heard’s legal team has obtained the legal documents in question, according to Radar.

The motion reads, “There is no evidence of damage to Mr. Depp's reputation caused by Ms. Heard's op-ed.”

“Mr. Depp testified that the damage to his reputation was when Ms. Heard

obtained the DVTRO (domestic violence temporary restraining order)

on May 27, 2016 - for which he cannot be compensated.”

This is improper and calls for this Court to set aside the verdict,” it concluded by saying.