Amber Heard's attorneys submit a 43-page memorandum seeking to toss the Johnny Depp

A month after the jury verdict was announced in Virginia for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's

defamation trial, the actress' attorneys are now seeking to toss the verdict aside claiming

that it is not supported by evidence. According to reports, Heard's legal team have

submitted a 43-page document requesting the same at Fairfax County Circuit Court.

The Aquaman star's request comes after she was ordered to pay USD 10.35 million in

damages to her ex-husband Depp by the jury after finding her liable to defamation for the

2018 op-ed she wrote in The Washington Post. As reported by Variety, Amber's attorneys

have also requested "to investigate improper juror service" and have claimed that public

information indicates that a juror who served during the trial was born in 1970, despite court officials listing their birth year as 1945.