Amber Heard orders 'new trial' over malicious replacement of jurors

Amber Heard says a wrong juror came to attend Johnny Depp's defamation trial on one hearing day.

In documents obtained by PEOPLE filed with the Circuit Court of Fairfax,

Heard demands a new trial "based on newly discovered facts and information that Juror No.

15 was not the individual summoned for jury duty on April 11, 2022."

Heard's legal team alleges it was a younger person, not an older one who was summoned to be a juror for the trial.

"It is deeply troubling for an individual not summoned for jury duty nonetheless to

appear for jury duty and serve on a jury, especially in a such as this,

the filing says, noting the "high-profile" status of the trial

where the fact and date of the jury trial were highly publicized prior to and after the issuance of the juror summonses."