Amber Heard branded ‘frivolous’ over ‘post-trial accusations against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s legal team has formally issued a reactionary rebuttal to Amber Heard’s

demands for a mistrial, following news of juror no. 15’s discrepancies.

The rebuttal has been issued in the form of a legal document where Ms Heard's

accusations have been broken down by Johnny Depp's lead counsel  Ben Chew.

The memorandum presented by Yahoo goes on to allege, “Here, the verdict was well

supported by the overwhelming evidence, consistent with the law, and should not be set aside.”

“Mr Depp respectfully submits that the Court should deny Ms Heard’s Post-Trial Motions, which verge into the frivolous.”

He even pointed out how Ms Heard ‘could not have’ discovered these “new facts until now.

This is because the Clerk’s Office provided the pre-panel jury list to the parties back on April 6, 2022,