Amazon Stock Split: AMZN Will Start Trading at $122 per Share Starting Today

America’s e-commerce giant Amazon will have a 20-to-1 stock split, post which, each stock will trade at $122.

Analysts share the bullish outlook of this stock split.

Don’t be surprised if you see your $2,500 Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) stock trading for a meager $122 starting Monday, June 6.

In fact, the AMZN is splitting 20-for-1 as per the announcement made by the company earlier in March 2022.

As the price of AMZN stock reduces to 1/20 starting today, owners of Amazon shares will get 20 shares for every single share in their account.

During the post-pandemic rally on Wall Street, the Amazon stock witnessed a major price surge.

At $2,500 per share, the AMZN stock might be unaffordable to several retailers.

Thus, the stock split will help to boost retail participation in a big way.

Many companies often announce such stock splits to make shares more affordable to a large number of investors.