AJ Styles Was Busted Open During WWE Hell In A Cell (Video)

As seen in the video below, Styles was bleeding profusely from

his forehead after getting knocked out of the ring to the floor.

A fan at ringside captured a close-up video that shows how much The Phenomenal One actually bled.

After the incident, WWE cameras didn’t focus on Styles again until he looked in better shape.

According to fans at the arena, WWE medical staff quickly tended to him on the sidelines and gave him a towel to stop the bleeding.

Styles appeared to get busted open when he attempted a Phenomenal Forearm

but was tossed to the ring post and then out of the ring by WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

However, one fan believes the injury occurred when Edge threw Styles to

the steel steps after Styles performed a suicide dive to the outside. It was noted that cameras actually didn’t catch this specific spot.