Abba Voyage Review: No Ordinary Abba Night at the Club

I kept turning to my friend and wanted to tell him how young

and fresh the two women who placed the As in Abba appeared on the giant screens in front of us.

Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad weren’t actually in the room with us

but that’s the kind of anesthetic that Abba Voyage dazzles you with.

Although the Swedish pop band hasn’t played London since 1979

the band’s holographic “Abbatars” in their likeness from that year currently fill a purpose-built arena

for a 90-minute concert of their greatest hits. A combination of motion-captured performances

animated sequences and a live 10-piece band make up the spectacle, proving the music’s enduring relevance.

Projected onto a screen enveloping one side of the spaceship-like auditorium