A TikToker claiming to be a juror from the Johnny Depp trial called Amber Heard

– An anonymous TikToker drew attention by claiming to be a juror in the Depp v. Heard trial.

– Sleuths quickly began analyzing the user's posts, with many saying they thought the story was fake.

– Speculation about the purported juror continues despite the account disappearing from TikTok.

A number of videos from a user claiming to be a juror from the Depp v. Heard trial have been circulating on TikTok.

Over the past week, internet sleuths have been trying to figure out whether the anonymous TikTok user

whose handle was @seekinginfinite before it was deleted — was genuinely a juror at the trial.

Many have said the claims in the videos, which are no longer available to view, are suspicious and unlikely to be true.

Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard captivated social media users.

TikTok and Twitter were overrun by Depp fans who posted memes, fancams, and supportive messages saying they thought the actor should win.