A Lot Of ‘Star Wars’ Fans Prefer ‘Clone Wars’ Anakin To Live-Action

Star Wars fans are expressing their love for animated Anakin Skywalker

from The Clone Wars over live-action Anakin Skywalker from the movies.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ran for seven seasons on three different networks,

and presented a post-sand/pre-Sith Anakin, which seems to be the sweet spot of the character’s

development—at least according to posters in the Star Wars subreddit.

Nahim33 began the love-fest by writing, “I know they are the same character

but am I the only one who prefers Clone Wars Anakin over movie version Anakin?”

Clone Wars Anakin’s likability, Redditors have mentioned his complexity.

“He’s just much more likeable and complex imo,” Nahim33 continued.