A (Light) Defense of Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’—Hold Your Pitchforks, Please

Watching the newest adaptation of Persuasion get roasted by Jane Austen fans online was deeply amusing.

As a lit major, I find it fascinating whenever a new Austen-inspired thing comes out because it is always divisive.

Sanditon was criticized for not being a good continuation of the unfinished novel,

and the 2020 Emma was favored, but everyone had to note

that appreciating the tone “depends on your tolerance for archness, twee and lightly deployed Anderson-ish tics.

There have long been blood feuds between fans of the Pride & Prejudice miniseries vs. the 2005 film.

The Sense and Sensibility 2008 miniseries is so deeply in

the shadows of the Ang Lee film that even a sex scene and a duel don’t make it a topic of conversation.

Persuasion is among the more difficult of Austen’s novels to adapt because it is Austen’s most introspective.