A haunting horror with a gut-punch ending devastates Netflix crowds

Stephen King adaptations come along with an increasing regularity that’s in real danger of reaching saturation point,

but we’d be happy for Frank Darabont to keep cranking them in out in perpetuity,

with the filmmaker having gone three-for-three through The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist.

The first two contain plenty of inner turmoil and shades of darkness,

but at the end of the day they’re uplifting stories about the strength of the human spirit,

as well as the bonds that form in the most pressurized and unlikely of circumstances.

As for the latter? It’s a fast-paced and frantic creature feature for the majority of its running time,

but ends with an unforgettable ending that was the cinematic equivalent of a punch right to the gut.

A powerful storm leaves the locals of a small Maine town trapped inside a grocery store in the midst