6 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE Hell In A Cell 2022

Whenever WWE ditches the silliness and minimizes their overproduced segments,

scripted promos and various overplayed tropes, and they just focus on the in-ring

performance, things just amazingly tend to turn out well for them.

Thus, Hell in a Cell has to be termed a qualified success. They delivered a red-hot opener and white hot main event that made you feel.

Throw in five matches in the middle that ranged from passable to decent,

without anything registering as an outright embarrassment, and you’ve got a pretty decent PLE.

The two big stories coming out of HIAC have to be Bianca Belair’s title defense in a solid

triple threat that played to a fired-up crowd right out of the chute, and Cody Rhodes overcoming a torn pectoral muscle,

gutting out a tremendous performance that was cringeworthy and jaw-dropping at the same time.