6 MCU characters who deserve a solo movie or spin-off series

We need more of Marvel. Although this year has blessed us

with a plethora of Marvel releases whether it be movies or a series, it just isn't enough.

As much as we love the main leads of all Marvel franchises, from Ironman to Thor,

there are just some unanswered queries when it comes to some of the supporting characters.

Today, let's dive into these roles that we would definitely pay handsomely to see on a big screen or even on Disney Plus.

Marvel paved the way for a wide array of heroes from the comics to hop on the train to live-action brilliance.

Some of the recent additions to the fam are Moon Knight and Ms Marvel.

With Moon Knight, the studio brought to life a rather peculiar story of a hero who suffers

dissociative identity disorder and manages his associations with the Egyptian moon god,