21 best Father's Day movies to watch and celebrate dad's love

Father’s Day is around the corner, and you must be thinking about the gift you want to give to your father.

It is said that 'time is the greatest gift that you can give to anybody' so

spending some quality time with your dad by watching some wonderful movies can really make him happy.

Here we present to you the top 21 Father's Day movies that will make your and your dad's day memorable.

To Kill a Mockingbird is considered one of the best books to read and is written by the famous author Harper Lee.

The movie is adapted from the novel and was released in 1962. Upon release,

the movie got a lot of appreciation from the public and critics and was a box office hit.

This is one of the best movies to watch with your loving dad this Father's Day.

It is because the film's plot revolves around a widowed father who is a lawyer by profession,