10 Characters Who Were Massively Improved In Sequels

Too often, film franchises are stretched out into a one-note story, with characters and plotlines

suffering from being rolled thin and crispy so that studios can line their pockets with a popular name.

In fact, so often are they unnecessary and unpleasant that they're defined by

the horrible sounding disease sequelitis - an industry plague that that has franchises uncontrollably leaking out all sorts of crap just because... they can, really.

However, when sequels get it right, they're some of the best films out there.

Bringing old stories back to life and imbuing them with a new direction can be one of the most rewarding aspects of cinema,

and revitalising characters that we can then see grow and develop is a uniquely great thing to witness.

Returning characters for sequels allows more time to deepen and expand upon their

established stories to excellent effect - as some of the best arcs come when the films already have a persona's foundation to build on top of.