‘The Witches’ are Coming || Let’s Meet at the Witches Gathering

Every person want to see Witches, so now The Witches are Coming, Let’s Meet at the Witches Gathering.

‘The Witches’ is a 2020 horror mystery movie. It is directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Zemeckis, Kenya Barris and Guillermo del Tero.

In ‘The Witches (2020)’ movie “A little boy and his kindly grandmother thwart the efforts of a coven of witches to rid Britain of children by turning them into mice.”

Initial release: 22 October 2020 (USA)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Adapted from: The Witches: The Graphic Novel

Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey

Screenplay: Robert Zemeckis, Guillermo del Toro, Kenya Barris

Music by: Alan Silvestri

Cinematography by :Don Burgess

Country: United States Mexico
Language: English
Narrated by: Chris Rock

‘The Witches’ Cast

Edited by Canva

  • Anne Hathaway as Grand High Witch
  • Octavia Spencer  as Grandmother
  • Stanley Tucci as Mr. Stringer
  • Morgana Robinson as Mrs. Jenkins
  • Jahzir Bruno
  •  Chris Rock
  • Charles Edwards as Mr. Jenkins
  • Eugenia Caruso as Consuella
  • Zeke Taylor as Danny Wests
  • Philippe Spall
  • Eurydice El-Etr as Samantha
  • Simon Manyonda as Sous-Chef
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Daisy
  • Jossette Simon as Zelda
  • Orla O’Rourke as Saoirse
  • Anna Devlin

The Witches story line And Trailer

Based on  Roald  Dahl’s  1983  classic book  ‘The Witches’, the story tells the scary, funny and imaginative tale of a young boy and his grandmother as they team up to fight an evil witch.

The witch plans to kill all the children staying in a fancy hotel by turning them into mice.

This movie is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. It is the second feature-length adaptation of the novel, following the 1990 film of the same name.

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The pivotal role of  The Grand High Witch, made famous in the 1990 film adaptation by Anjelica Huston. Now it  will be played by Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway.

Release Date of “The Witches”

The Witches was originally  scheduled to be released on October 16, 2020. In October 2019, Warner Bros. moved up the release of the film by a week.

However, on June 12, 2020, Warner Bros. announced that they pulled the film off the 2020 schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film was digitally released in the United States on October 22, 2020 via HBO Max and was released theatrically from October 28, 2020.

‘The Witches’ Movie Review

Edited by Canva

Critics review
60. Screen Rant

The Witches is certainly bolstered by its performances and visuals (which is to be expected of a Zemeckis production), and while its speedy story will win over young audiences, it could’ve reached new heights had Zemeckis, del Toro, and Barris dared to add a bit more padding.

50. Rafael Motamayor


Zemeckis turns this beloved, dark story into a campy, weird, yet still fairly entertaining kid-friendly story of accepting oneself. The problem is that it pales in comparison to what came before.

33. David Ehrlich
Zemeckis has made some unsuccessful films over the last 20 years, but The Witches  is the most frustrating of them all because it feels like it could’ve been made by somebody else. Anybody else.

20. Joe Morgenstern

“What was weirdly but deliciously scary has grown ponderously out of scale, even for witches at their malign worst. ”

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Final words

In November, Variety reported the film was the ninth-most watched straight-to-streaming title of 2020 up to that point.

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