Taylor Lautner Shares Positive Remarks About Ex Taylor Swift in Rare Interview

Taylor Lautner Shares Positive Remarks About Ex Taylor Swift in Rare Interview

Taylor Lautner, best known for his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight series, recently made a rare comment about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. The two dated briefly in 2009 and were often the subject of media attention.

Lautner, who is known for keeping his personal life private, was asked about his relationship with Swift during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He took the opportunity to speak highly of his former girlfriend, saying, “She’s fantastic. She’s an amazing person, and we’re friends to this day.”

Despite their brief romantic relationship, Lautner and Swift have maintained a friendly relationship over the years. This is a testament to their maturity and the respect they have for each other.

Swift, who has dated several high-profile celebrities, is known for incorporating her personal experiences into her music. Many fans speculate that her song “Back to December” was written about Lautner.

In the years since their relationship, both Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift have gone on to have successful careers in their respective industries. Lautner has starred in several films, including the action-comedy movie Tracers, while Swift has released several critically-acclaimed albums and won numerous awards.

It’s refreshing to see that two celebrities who were once in a relationship can maintain a positive relationship after it has ended. This is a positive example for other couples, showing that it’s possible to remain friends even after a breakup.

In conclusion, Taylor Lautner‘s recent comments about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift serve as a reminder that it’s possible to maintain a positive relationship after a breakup. Their friendship serves as an inspiration to others who have gone through a similar experience.

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