She-Ra And The Princess Of Powers Season 6 Is It Happening

She-Ra And The Princess Of Powers Season 6: Is It Happening?

Do you like movies with strong and motivational thoughts? Are you someone who loves inspiring movies?  Have you ever watched the movie ‘She-Ra and the Princess of Power’? The series is one among the popular Netflix animation series that has been a reboot of the classic animation show which used to be released in 1985. Netflix has brought back the powerful series on the OTT platform and fans are just waiting for the animation show to release more. As for now, we have already seen five seasons and everyone is hoping to see She-Ra and the Princess of Power season 6.

She-Ra and the Princess of Power is a Netflix animation show which is loved by audiences of all ages. While the show has some adult scenes, it is still a popular show among people. That’s the reason why the audience is waiting to hear about She-Ra and the Princess of Powers

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She-Ra and The Princess of Powers

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an American animated web television series that is everybody’s favorite. The developer of the movie is Noelle Stevenson and the producers are none other than DreamWorks Animation Television. The series was first streamed on Netflix. Moreover, the First season was revealed to fans on November 13, 2018.

This series is based on the 1985 cartoon series She-Ra: Princess of Power. The updated version of the 2018 series tells us the tale of a teenager named Adora. She gains powers that allow her to turn into the titular heroine. Filled with Magical powers, Adora decides to lead a group that contains another magical princess. She develops an alliance to defeat the evil Hordak and his Horde.

Season and Episode of She-Ra and The Princess of Powers

This animated TV show has a total of 5 seasons with a total of  52 episodes. All the details regarding the Seasons, episodes, and their release date are listed below in the table.

Season Episode Release Date
Season 1 13 November 13, 2018
Season 2 7 April 26, 2019
Season 3 6 August 2, 2019
Season 4 13 November 5, 2019
Season 5 13 May 15, 2020


All the seasons are released exclusively on Netflix.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: What is it about?

Horde Prime being an evil mind reprogrammed Hordak as per his likeness. He further kidnaps Glimmer and at the same time teams up with Catra. And while all these things were happening there, Adora remained without the transformative power of She-Ra. Earlier in the story, the fighters who were remaining make a queue and rail around Adora. She is now fully armed with staff and just as confident as before. Her lights get lit every time she hears of fighting against the Horde forces.

But Horde Prime already is aware of something quite dangerous of all. What is it?

As Horde Prime has previously fought with She-Ra and he is well aware of the fact that she can easily be killed by taking her heart. Adora, Micah, and the princesses search for a way to fight back and rescue Glimmer. While on the other hand Catra schemes on Horde Prime’s flagship.

Later on in the story, Adora rests and Mermista decides to lead the princesses. They decide to take the princess into the Fright Zone so Entrapta can seek Horde Prime’s signal. Due to this reason Bow, Entrapta and Adora were constantly trying to keep Mara’s ship operational so that they could do their work. But on the other hand, our evil Horde Prime orders Carta to betray Glimmer under threat. Horde Prime threatens Carta that he’ll remove all of Cat’s memory.

Adora is forced to land on a desolate planet. Furthermore while running from Horde Prime she meets with her three siblings. In the next part, Adora surrenders to Horde Prime. No, She doesn’t quit?  She just buys time for Entrapta, Bow, and Glimmer to rescue Catra. Additionally, they Hack Horde Prime’s server.

The team tries to evade Horde Prime’s pursuit. On the other hand, Micah tries to relate to Frosta during a mission to Elberon. Mermista, Scorpia, Perfuma, and Sea Hawk go underwater to recruit Prince Peekablue. While Netossa notices Spinnerella’s strange behavior and doubts it.

Later a squad heads to Krytis to find a way to get around Horde Prime’s blockade. Whereas Shadow Weaver asked Castaspella for help so they can succeed in their mission.

While Wrong Hordak’s message of rebellion spreads throughout the empire, the team infiltrates Ireland to get a lead on their friends and to safely do everything. They all return to the Fright Zone to rescue Scorpia, while Bow and Glitter head to the library to check on Bow’s dad.

At the same time, the team sends Mystacor to search for the Heart’s failsafe – the Crystal of Axia. Entrapta and Swift Wind gather data on the chip network. The squad heads for the Heart while the princesses attack the spire enabling Entrapta to disrupt the chip network. After hearing all this Horde Prime makes his move. Shadow Weaver and Catra strive to reach Adora. Glimmer faces her father. Bow tries to evade Scorpia long enough to implement Entrapta’s program.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 6: Will there be Another Season?

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is one of the popular animation series on Netflix. The show already released five seasons and fans are willing to know if there will be more seasons to explore or not.

As per the ending of Season 4 we have seen our main protagonist She-Ra break down her sword. She doesn’t like the power of being controlled by the sword to feel free she shattered it into pieces. As she broke the sword down the planetary heart’s power from pulling the planet itself apart. Etheria was taken aback into a “Shared” Universe with the rest of the other creatures.

The series has successfully adapted the 1985’s reboot and connected the audience back to the mainstream. Netflix has already gained quite an appreciation for the animation series and there is no doubt that the show was among their popular hits.

Moreover, Audiences are looking for the show to get released however it looks like the officials have no plan to work further with the animation show. Noelle Stevenson, the creator, has already revealed that the series has been wrapped up. The fifth season has officially concluded and is neatly wrapped with a great conclusion.

While fans are still judging the future of the series, we know that the show won’t be coming anytime soon. She-Ra and the princess of Powers have been officially concluded and there are no chances for the show to run for more episodes. You have to accept the fifth season as the last season of the series.

Official trailer of She-Ra and The Princess of Powers Season 5

The official trailer of this series has already been released by Netflix. The Audience rating of this show is 4.8 while on the other hand, the show has 97 % of rotten tomatoes. If you are looking for the official trailer for season 5.

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