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Shazam 2: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

‘Shazam 2’ (also known as Shazam! Fury of the Gods) is an upcoming American action, adventure, comedy fantasy film directed by David F. Sandberg.

The writer of this film is Henry Gayden. It is a Sequel to the 2019 film ‘Shazam!’, it was announced a week after Shazam (2019) and it is the thirteenth film in the DC Extended Universe.

In August 2020, it was revealed that the sequel will be titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

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‘Shazam 2’ Cast

It’s already been established that the core cast of the last movie – Shazam! – will return which is good news for everybody who enjoyed their portrayal.

  • Zachary Levi as Shazam
  • Adam Brody as Super Hero Freddy
  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman
  • Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez
  • Asher Angel as Billy Batson
  • Meagan Good as Superhero Darla
  • Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley
  • Michelle Borth as Superhero Mary.

‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Plot

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Plot details yet not known.
Like any DC Comics movie/blockbuster franchise project, Shazam! Fury Of The Gods will be holding close to and be secretive about major details in its story right up until the film hits theaters, and with the project not yet starting production we don’t even have anything resembling a basic plot description.

‘Shazam 2’ Release date

The film was originally scheduled to be released on April 1st, 2022, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release date was pushed back to November 4th of the same year and again to June 2nd, 2023.

Nonetheless, Zachary Levi has said that filming will start in early 2021 so that they would make it in time for the release date on June 2nd, 2023.

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Frequently asked questions

1.What are Shazam’s weakness?

One strange weakness that Shazam had for a long time was his connection to the Rock of Eternity. Early on in the comics, Shazam was only allowed to be away from the Rock of Eternity for a maximum of 24 hours. He had to remain at the Rock of Eternity most of the time.

2. Can Shazam beat Superman?

Shazam has knocked Superman out cold before. A sucker punch, yes, but that’s still impressive.

Originally known as Captain Marvel, the character was so popular in the 40s that his comic book sales outsold Superman’s.

3. Is this film part of the DCEU?

So far, it hasn’t exactly been established if Shazam will ever work with other superheroes residing in the DCEU.

While his cooperation with the big trio – Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman – or even the Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey might be interesting, Shazam! was originally conceived as an independent project standing on its own.

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‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Trailer

Trailer is not available. Sorry for this. It’s still very early and the film hasn’t started production yet, so there are no trailers or video sneak peeks available. We’ll update this as soon as there’s any official confirmation about the trailer.

Final words

Shazam 2 is coming out in 2023 on Friday, June 2, 2023.

So, these are the major information about the film. We will continue to update this feature as more information becomes available.

Are you excited to watch this movie? Let us know in the comment section given at the end of this post.

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