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Luck Movie: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

‘Luck’ is an upcoming American-Spanish 3D computer-animated adventure comedy family fantasy film.

It is  directed by Peggy Holmes and written by Kiel Murray. The film was produced by Paramount Pictures, Skydance Animation, and Skydance Animation Madrid.

The producers of this film are Álvaro Figuero, Lourdes Marquez Alba, John Lasseter, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and David Eisenmann.

But, what can we expect from this film? Here’s everything we know about it so far.

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‘Luck’ Movie Cast

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  • Jane Fonda as The Dragon: an “exuberant CEO of Good Luck and undisputed luckiest ancient being in all the land. She is stylish elegant and as persuasive as she is powerful. The only thing better than good luck is more good luck, so when bad luck starts to spin out of control, she must face her fears or risk losing good luck forever.”

Fonda has won two Best Actress Oscars, for 1971’s Klute and 1978’s Coming Home. She also has seven Golden Globes, two BAFTA Awards, an Emmy  and two Tony nominations.

In April 2019, Emma Thompson was hired to voice a character in the film, but left the project after Lasseter was hired.

‘Luck Movie’ Plot

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Luck is a comedy that pulls back the curtain on the millennia-old battle between the organizations of good luck and bad luck that secretly affect everyday lives.

And the film follows the unluckiest girl in the world, who after stumbling upon the never-before-seen world of good and bad luck, must join together with magical creatures to uncover a force more powerful than even luck itself.

‘Luck 2022’ Release Date

Luck movie is scheduled to be released on February 18, 2022 by Apple TV+, in the United States. The film was originally set to be released on March 19, 2021, but it was delayed to its current release date.

In May 2020, Holly Edwards, president of Skydance Animation, revealed that the rough cut will have test screenings late in the summer of 2020.

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On December 16, 2020, Apple TV+ secured the distribution rights to the films Luck and Spellbound and set  February 18, 2022, release date for Luck .

‘Luck’ Movie Trailer

Trailer is not available yet. Sorry for this. With a 2022 release date we’re hoping for trailer till a late 2021. We’ll update this as soon as there’s any official confirmation about the trailer.

Final words

It is John Lasseter‘s first involvement on an animated film that’s not from Disney, following his departure from all of Disney’s animation areas.

So, these are the major information about the film. It is coming out on February 18, 2022.

So, are you excited to watch it? Do you like to watch computer animated films? Let us know in the comments section given at the end of this post.

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